Gentleman Cthulhu: Twice the Fears and Cheers cover Dark Fire Press is a publisher of books, comics, and art and writing collections. It was created in 2017 by J. M. DeSantis for the purpose of giving him a publishing outlet for experimental works, personal projects, and works he was developing to approach traditional publishers with. In 2018, Dark Fire Press LLC was established to help expand its publishing reach and possibilities.

To date, Dark Fire Press has published three collections of the web-comic Gentleman Cthulhu: Emeritus Moribus Monstrum (, and two J. M. DeSantis Inktober sketchbooks, and a collection of J. M. DeSantis's first decade of work: J. M. DeSantis: The First Ten Years.

Other works and publications from Dark Fire Press are currently in various stages of development.

For questions about Dark Fire Press or inquiries concerning any of its current publications, please contact J. M. DeSantis directly.

Also note, Dark Fire Press was not set up in lieu of freelance work and traditional publication; J. M. DeSantis is still available for both through his website:

At this time, Dark Fire Press is CLOSED TO SUBMISSIONS!