J. M. DeSantis: The First Ten Years

J. M. DeSantis: The First Ten Years cover
J. M. DeSantis

Mark Mazz
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Price: $29.99 (paperback) / $3.99 (digital)
Size/Format: 8"x10" Paperback / eBook

Pages: 164
Full Colour - Art Book / Writing Collection / Semi-Autobiography

J. M. DeSantis is a writer and artist (Write-ist™) whose publications are as diverse as the man’s work and inspirations. From his humble, indie beginnings, to the creation of his Indian heroine, Chadhiyana™, to the coining of the term Write-ist™ and his more focused creative direction, J. M. DeSantis: The First Ten Years takes the reader on a journey through the creative mind and the growth of creative work, style, and direction.

This volume covers the breadth of the Write-ist’s™ work from 2007 to the early parts of 2019. Collected within are artworks, short stories, poems, comics, scripts, and sketches, with notes, commentary, and autobiographical information from J. M. DeSantis throughout.

5 Short Stories, 3 short comics, the Game-Flush comic strips, pages of artwork (colour and black & white), 4 poems, sections on early work, Chadhiyana, and Gentleman Cthulhu, previews of future work, and much more!


The Tainted Ones cover
Gentleman Cthulhu: Year One cover
Chadhiyana #0 cover