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Ghosts Are People Too

Ghosts Are People Too cover
J. M. DeSantis

Pages: 32
Children's Book (Color)

8"x10" Hardcover
8"x10" Paperback

Spooky, Humour


Price: $23.99 (hardcover) / $11.99 (paperback)

We’re all afraid of ghosts; there’s no shame in that. They show up out of nowhere and scare us half to death. They moan and groan and take away our breath. They float around our houses and won’t go away. They look positively frightful with all their decay!

But have you ever wondered what it’s like for them? After all, ghosts were once living people, like you and I. If they were alive still, what do you think they’d do? Would you still find them so frightening? Maybe not. Maybe they wouldn’t be so scary to you.

Ghosts Were Are People Too takes your child on an imaginative journey of acceptance and understanding from the perspective of asking questions about what ghosts would be like if they could still do all the things that people do...and perhaps help your child be a little less scared of ghosts in the process.