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J. M. DeSantis J. M. DESANTIS J. M. DeSantis is a writer and artist (Write-istâ„¢) whose work has appeared in many diverse industries, both self-published and traditionally published, including prose fiction, comics, websites, copywriting, and even film. He is the author of a number of short stories, books, comics, and artworks, mostly in the fantasy, horror, and humour genres, and is the creator of the South Asian dark fantasy heroine, Chadhiyana (chadhiyana.com).

He is also the owner of Dark Fire Press.


Chadhiyana: The Call of Fire by J. M. DeSantis
The Tainted Ones by J. M. DeSantis
Robert Phillips by J. M. DeSantis
Ghosts Are People Too by J. M. DeSantis
J. M. DeSantis: The First Ten Years
And They Call it Mummy Love: A Gentleman Cthulhu Collection cover
J. M. DeSantis 2017 Sketchbook
Gentleman Cthulhu 2: Twice the Fears and Cheers cover
Gentleman Cthulhu: Year One cover

Forthcoming & In-Development from J. M. DeSantis

Chadhiyana: Rekindled by J. M. DeSantis
Monsters & Myths cover
J. M. DeSantis Lovecraftian Horrors Sketchbook
J. M. DeSantis Wonderland Sketchbook
The Kirklyn Horror cover
The Tainted Ones: Praxis cover
Gentleman Cthulhu 3: The Comics Out of Time cover
Three Cheers for Gentleman Cthulhu cover
Gentleman Cthulhu 4: Ring in the New Cheers!
Chadhiyana #5: Untitled cover
Fenwick End cover
Luxurious Moustache cover