Gentleman Cthulhu: Year One cover by J. M. DeSantis Dark Fire Press is a publisher of creator-owned novels, comics, children’s books, art books, and writing collections. The uniquely creator-friendly publisher is dedicated to bringing faithful visions of its creators to life, and continues to pursue publication of works of science-fiction, fantasy, horror, comedy, and creativity.

Dark Fire Press was created in 2017 as a publishing label for J. M. DeSantis's self-published works. The focus was on collections of his web-comic, Gentleman Cthulhu: Emeritus Moribus Monstrum. In a short time, this focus shifted into experimental works, personal projects, and works DeSantis was developing with which to approach other publishers.

The Day They Made Contact by Luis M. Cruz In 2018, Dark Fire Press LLC was established to expand its publishing reach, and in 2019 DFP released another seven titles and expanded from IndyPlanet to include platforms such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ComiXology, and other online sellers. By mid-2019, other creators began approaching Dark Fire Press, and by 2020 it included authors Luis M. Cruz, Jorge Medina, and Anibal Arroyo, as well as a number of new artistic talents.

It was at this point that owner J. M. DeSantis decided he wanted Dark Fire Press to be a creator-friendly publisher, offering better contracts, with more rights given to its creators, while helping them to bring their visions to life and to readers.

DFP is currently a Print-on-Demand publisher, offering their creators' books through a variety of online retailers (print books fulfilled by IngramSpark and Amazon; comics by Ka-Blam). It’s books available in the United States, Canada, the UK, Europe, and Australia, and continues to look toward the future of growing its list of creators and its visibility for those creators and their works.


If you wish to carry DFP books or comics in your store, or for general inquiries concerning any of its current publications, please contact Owner, J. M. DeSantis.

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