Luis M. Cruz LUIS M. CRUZ

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"Imagination Is Everything. It Is The Preview Of Life's Coming Attractions." —Albert Einstein

Luis M. Cruz is physically disabled, diagnosed with Arthrogryposis at birth, which is Latin for curvature of the joints and muscles. But that doesn't stop him from following his dreams, or having fun. Luis is not only the Author of The Day They Made Contact, he is also the publisher of CRUZIN COMICS and Creator/Writer of Jennifer the She-Wolf, Blood-Kill, Fuel of Life: An Illustrated Short Story, A.L.F.A., and The Workout-Erotica From A Handicaps P.O.V.: An Illustrated Short Story. All of which are available on Amazon and, Indy-Planet. While Luis loves to read and write comic books his passion, however, is reading and writing Science Fiction, Fantasy and a little Horror.

“The Publishing Industry, Like Everything Else In Life, Is All About Taking A Chance. One Either Fails Or Succeeds, But In Between Is Opportunity, Which Allows For One To Keep Trying.” —Luis M. Cruz

by Luis M. Cruz
from Dark Fire Press

Fuel of Life by Luis M. Cruz
The Day They Made Contact by Luis M. Cruz