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Anibal Arroyo is an illustrator and self published author. He studied at the prestigious Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Illustration, achieving a one year certification. He has worked on several independent creator owned projects from graphic novels to children’s books. Anibal started creating at an early age and was a portrait artist working in oils and acrylics, before discovering comics art.

At around his sophomore year in high school he fell in love with the comics medium and soon began to create his own characters and stories. He now has an entire universe worth of creations . Currently he’s pursuing a bachelors degree and an art teacher certification. Anibal also freelances to supplement his income.

His areas of expertise are portraits and caricatures he has an uncanny ability to capture a likeness that is unmatched. He works in a variety of mediums including traditional as well as digital methods. An exceptional sequential artist and storyteller with an incredible eye for detail, Anibal is an asset to any creative project he dives into.

by Anibal Arroyo
from Dark Fire Press

Lil Steve's Closet by Anibal Arroyo