Dark Fire Press Submissions

At this time, Dark Fire Press is CLOSED TO SUBMISSIONS

Dark Fire Press is a publisher of mainly books, comics, and art and writing collections. We also consider children's books and non-fiction.

FICTION: Books, comics, graphic novels and childrens books of any length. The genres we are interested in are fantasy, high fantasy, horror, dark fantasy, sword & sorcery, weird fiction, mystery and suspense, comedy, and humour. Also historical fiction and deep/psychologically intense fiction of any sort will be considered. We are not interested in pornography and will not likely consider urban or modern fantasy work.

NON-FICTION: Interesting and unique topics. If you have an idea, pitch it. Specifically, we are looking for non-fiction work on the topics of creativity and artistic creation, the crafts of writing and artmaking, process, how-tos, and creator biographies. Also any academic writing on video games, game creation, or analysis of specific video games (or series) are very much of interest to us.

ALL: We are also always open to any literature (fiction or non-fiction) focusing on or having themes concerning mental heath and mental illness, providing they are not derogatory or negative in that regard. We are not interested in any racist or anti-LGBTQ works.

Please note, we are currently a strictly Print-on-Demand publisher. We do not sell direct to the public, but list our publications with such sites as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ComiXology, IndyPlanet and others. We cannot offer much in the way of promotion or advertising, but we do make up for it with competative rates for author royalties. We also only contract for the rights to publish the work submitted to us, and do not retain any subsidiary, spin-off, or series rights (unless requested). So, there is that as well.

E-mail submissions to: [CLOSED TO SUBMISSIONS]

If you would like to contact Dark Fire Press about any topic other than submissions, please visit the About Page.