The Kirklyn Horror

The Kirklyn Horror by J. M. DeSantis
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GENRE: Weird Horror, Dark Fantasy, Lovecraftian

AUTHOR J. M. DeSantis

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The Lunatic Rot. That is what they called the plague that fell suddenly upon the city of Kirklyn. But of its source and causes the people of Kirklyn were entirely ignorant, and the Church of Areglos seemed to have no answers. Thus were the Reapers established to help contain the Rot, but even their well-trained, albeit ill-informed, legions were no match for the spread of the horrid epidemic and the madness it caused.

The Kirklyn Horror follows four individuals during the plague’s outbreak: Claude, Evelyn, Dashiell, and Farren. Through their stories, the reader will glean certain facts and rumours which lead to the spread of the Rot...and perhaps learn the eldritch truth of its unnameable source.