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Chadhiyana: In the Dwerrow Tomb

Chadhiyana: In the Dwerrow Tomb; cover art by Corey Breen
20 Pages; Full Color

GENRE: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Adventure

Staple-Bound: $5.99
Digital: $1.99
WRITER: J. M. DeSantis
COVER ART: Corey Breen
INTERIOR ART: Jackie Musto
LETTERER: Mindy Lopkin

Target Release: July 2021

Tomb raiding isn’t always a fun job, but it helps when you have company.

Luckily for Chadhiyana, she’s joined by her bright and cheerful companion, Priyankee, as they journey into a tomb built by the stone-working Dwerrows to retrieve a lost treasure. Though despite their abilities and Priyankee’s over-enthusiastic optimism, the traps and pitfalls built by the Dwerrows may be the least the two women need to worry about.

Issue three in a new five-issue series of stand-alone stories in the Chadhiyana series.


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