Chadhiyana #1: Rekindled

Chadhiyana: Rekindled cover
Comic, Full Color
28 Pages; Anthology
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GENRE: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Drama

Staple-Bound: $5.99
Digital: $1.99

WRITER: J. M. DeSantis
COVER ART: K. J. Murphey
INTERIOR ART: Jackie Musto, Dana Sanguir, & J. M. DeSantis
LETTERER: Mindy Lopkin

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Scarred by her past, Chadhiyana is a strong and beautiful woman with a fiery temper and a fanatical sense of justice. Traversing a dark fantasy world inspired by the cultures of South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa, Chadhiyana, sword in hand, fights even to defend the weak and innocent. Only beneath her hard exterior lies a vulnerability and a past from which she is trying to run.

This new comic about The Girl with the Fire-Ringed Eyes, is the first in a five-issue series all containing stand-alone issues with new stories. This issue collects three shorts: two brand-new Chadhiyana tales--Bloodbound (art by Dana Sanguir) and True Strength (art by Jackie Musto)--and a remake of the first Chadhiyana story, A Saviour in the Dark (with a new script & art by J. M. DeSantis).

A great starting point for new readers, with new content for old fans.

Issue one in a new five-issue series of stand-alone stories in the Chadhiyana series.


Chadhiyana: The Call of Fire by J. M. DeSantis; cover art by K. J. Murphey
Chadhiyana: Ghouls & Golems; cover art by Chris Campana and Dash Martin
Chadhiyana: In the Dwerrow Tomb; cover art by Corey Breen
Chadhiyana: The Storm Over Minnomouth; cover art by Tim Sparvero
Chadhiyana: A Trail of Blood & Ash cover by Sha-Nee Williams