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Chadhiyana: The Storm Over Minnomouth

Chadhiyana: The Storm Over Minnomouth; cover art by Tim Sparvero
28 Pages; Full Color

GENRE: Dark Fantasy, Adventure, Horror, Lovecraftian Horror

Staple-Bound: $6.99
Digital: $1.99
WRITER: J. M. DeSantis
COVER ART: Tim Sparvero
INTERIOR ART: Dana Sanguir
LETTERER: Mindy Lopkin

Target Release: October/November 2021

Journeying from a foreign land, Ahmree sits alone in a nighted jungle near the border of the fishing hamlet of Minnomouth, waiting for the return of her traveling companion.

There she is happened upon by Chadhiyana, The Girl With the Fire-Ringed Eyes. Though it is not long before a harsh storm forces the women to take refuge in the nearby village. Soon they learn something is quite fishy about the place, as they try to learn what exactly happened to Ahmree’s companion.

Issue four in a new five-issue series of stand-alone stories in the Chadhiyana series.


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