Chadhiyana #3: Black & White
(Ghouls & Golems)

Chadhiyana: Ghouls & Golems; cover art by Chris Campana and Dash Martin
Comic, Black & White
28 Pages
GENRE: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Horror Action, Adventure

Staple-Bound: $4.99

WRITER: J. M. DeSantis
COVER ART: Chris Campana (pencils/inks)
LETTERER: Mindy Lopkin

COMING SOON: In Post-Production

People are disappearing in the area near the haunted ruins of an abandoned castle.

It is to Chadhiyana that a family looks to rescue their kidnapped daughter. Thus motivated, The Girl With the Fire-Ringed Eyes sets out to rescue the woman and learn the source of the disappearances. But what monsters lurk beneath the acorn-domed spires, not even the superstitions of those living in its ruined shadows can guess.
This is a Special Edition of issue two (in a new five-issue series of stand-alone stories in the Chadhiyana series).


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